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After listening to Vallejo residents’ concerns and what they want to see change, we are not being adequately represented in City Government. We can not afford to do business as usual as we risk going back into bankruptcy and worsening infrastructure.

Living in Council District 4 for most of my life, I can use my years of public service (such as working for City Councilmembers throughout the area) to hit the ground running and fight for the people.


What will Ruscal do for me?

  • Fix our streets and potholes; improve street safety.
  • Streamline the City permitting process and lower small business fees to encourage our entrepreneurs and job creators. 
  • Stop wasteful spending & mismanagement by bringing in turnaround specialists/auditors.  ​​
  • Focus on crime prevention and hold public safety officials accountable.
  • Work with county & state agencies to help the homeless into housing and services.
  • Fully enforce existing laws that prohibit all trash dumping by holding city staff accountable.
  • Work to relieve the unfair tax burden for Mare Island residents and restore community-based programs.


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