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Who supports Ruscal?

“Ruscal is homestyle. He represents some of the best of this city and he certainly reflects what this city is all about. He has consistently demonstrated his care for the concerns of residents. He knows the district and he's dependable. With your support, he will continue to fight for you.” -Robert McConnell, Mayor of Vallejo

“There isn’t one person I know that is more passionate and caring for the people of Vallejo than Ruscal Cayangyang. He is the voice of people, for the people, by the people! His knowledge of the legislative process combined with his past service to the community and witnessing the historical dysfunction of past City leaders makes him the ideal candidate and champion for the people.”

-Tina Arriola, Vallejo City Councilmember

"Ruscal has been active in the community for a long time!”

-Eloise Scott, Vallejo Filipino Community Leader

“Ruscal is committed to making our city healthy!"

-Erin Bakke, Vallejo Artist

“Ruscal worked for City Councilmembers throughout the area. He can hit the ground running!” -Tony Padilla, Vallejo Businessowner

Christy Gardner, Vallejo School Board Vice President

Adjoa MacDonald, Greater Vallejo Recreation District Board Director 

Marianne Kearney Brown, Fmr. Vallejo School Board President

Louis Michael, Vallejo resident, and former 2020 City Council Candidate

Cheryl Davila, Fmr. Berkeley City Councilmember

Jovanka Beckles, Fmr. Richmond City Councilmember


Susannah Delano, Vallejo resident and Assembly Dist. 14 Democratic Delegate  


Leilani Quesada, Vallejo resident and Solano County Democrat Central Committee Member

"We need more people like Ruscal who represents the disenfranchised "

-Kim De Ocampo, Vallejo resident

"Ruscal represents the community and youth"

-Lilibeth Pippin, Vallejo resident

"Ruscal has been active in the community for many years"

Judith Lerner, Vallejo School District Teacher:  

"Ruscal's a great person and strong leader"

Erinn Terry, Vallejo resident

"Ruscal is a person of the people"

Myrna Hayes, Vallejo resident and President of Mare Island Preserve

Ms. Yvonne and Ms. Nae, Vallejo residents and small business owners  

"Ruscal is honest and works for the community"

Ydelita Gonzales, Vallejo resident and School District Parent

Lorraine McDonald, Ret. Vallejo Classified School Employees Union Secretary

Larry Crutchfield, Vallejo resident, Musician and Artist  

Diana Dowling, Fmr. Vallejo Commissioner 


Bonnie Sellars, Fmr. Vallejo Commissioner


Emily Parker, Vallejo Community Advocate 

Yasmine Jackson, Vallejo resident and businessowner


Jean Ballard, Vallejo resident

Peter Brooks, Vallejo resident

Jean Ballard, Vallejo resident


Lynn Anderson, Vallejo resident

George Bond, Vallejo resident


Elaine Brown, Vallejo resident


Baltizan Baltazar, Vallejo resident


Tom Ovens, Vallejo resident and retired Educator


BJ Conrad, Vallejo resident


Orobosa Obtu, Vallejo resident


Will Otern, Vallejo resident


Frank Hussketein, Vallejo resident


Peter Sellars, Vallejo resident

(Partial list, with more Vallejo residents endorsing Ruscal)


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